Kime v. City of Seattle

Imagine that you were enjoying Mardi Gras out in downtown Seattle. You saw that someone was getting in trouble, so you tried to help. Before you know it, someone has smashed a bottle on the back of your head, and you quickly find yourself getting beaten up so badly, that you end up dying.

Your family is heartbroken, frustrated and angry. They are angry and frustrated because the police could have done something to stop the beating, but they couldn’t as they had been ordered to stay on the sidelines. Because of incredibly poor and outright wrong decisions about law enforcement, your life has been taken away for ever.

What if your family could not recover for all the heartache and loss related to your needless death?  The Kime family was grateful that they could pursue justice and sue the City of Seattle. In the end, even police who were present that night of the rights agreed that they should have done more.

Links to articles about the tragedy and the case.