Smoking Gun Cases

Because of governmental wrongdoing, innocent people have been tragically injured or killed. Thankfully, these people can obtain justice because plaintiffs can sue the state in Washington. If governmental immunity (“sovereign immunity”) was brought back from the dead after over 30 years, the state would have virtually no incentive to correct their ways. Perhaps more importantly, those seriously injured or the families of those wrongfully killed would not be able to find justice.

Two excellent examples where citizens were seriously injured or wrongfully killed as the result of governmental wrongdoing are Gendler and Kime. The recent case of Gender involved a cyclist, who was injured on the Montlake Bridge. The case of Kime involved the death of a young man who was killed at the Mardi Gras riots in Pioneer Square in 2001.

When considering the McKenna’s cry for governmental immunity, consider the following thought experiments.  Click on one of the cases below, for details.

Other Recent Cases

Owen v. State of Washington - See the family press release.